Friday, September 2, 2016

Friday, October 2, 2015

I Don't Like Being Quiet by Tess Segal

Being quiet feels like the firework of opinion and thought is being suppressed despite its need to shine

Being quiet sounds like the deafening shriek of silence

It looks like a deep, dark ocean from which I cannot escape

It smells like gunpowder being brutally forced into containment

It feels like every minute I'm not expressing myself is another labored step towards doom

It tastes like an accidental drip of glow stick -- seemingly beautiful but pungently toxic

...I really don't like being quiet.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

What We Love

Last week, we focused on hobbies or activities that we love to do. Then, we created a poem using our senses to describe that activity.


by Isabella Guerra

Sketching sounds like silence. 
All of the noise in my head goes away. 
Sketching feels like I don't have to worry about anything else around me. 
I can just float into another world.
Sketching is a whiff of flowers in the spring with that touch of a fresh breeze.
Sketching is a glare of someone that doesn't have to act like something that they are not.
Sketching feels like the pencil in my hand has all of the ink to sketch me a thousand sketches.

Friday, September 4, 2015

First Meeting: Amazing Poets Already!

During our first meeting with had a little fun creating poetry from a list of words we all brainstormed together.  Here are a couple of poems from club members.

Summer Indoors
by Tess Segal
6th Grade

Sun, swimming, camp?
Sweat. Heat.
Basketball? Lake?

Sleeping, relaxing!
Drinks, watermelon, smoothies!
Perfectly lazy.

Back to School
by Max Powers & Zach Rubin
6th Grade

Reading books in class
Walking to the bus
Student Council club
Homework paranoia
Portables are a prison
Rain is terrible
Birds chirp & bugs buzz
Test grades are on Pinnacle
Notebooks are too large
Sleep is my spirit

It's never too late to express yourself with words!
Join us at our next meeting

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Poetry is....

Today was the first meeting for the 2014-15 school year.  Creating writing club members started out the year by writing a group poem describing poetry using similes and metaphors to compare poetry to an animal, activity, food, and a place.

Which line do you like the most? What is poetry like to you? Respond in the comments!

If you're interested in joining the club, please come to our next meeting on Wednesday, October 1 @ 8:45 in room 135.

by Grady Riester, Grant Kaplan, Valentina Villarroel, and Rishab Jain

Poetry is like skating.
Picking up speed
not waiting as your ideas develop,
and maybe you mess up,
but you get back on,
and keep going...

Poetry is like a field of roses in spring
Sprouting a new bud with every expression
of the soul;
forming one large plane of ideas.

Poetry is like a Thanksgiving feast with your family
overflowing with emotion,
full of variety to fit everyone's preference,
and a feeling of satisfaction by the end.

Poetry is like a human:
diverse, unique, and full of expressions.
Poetry has many turns and falls
until matured to perfection with a purpose.

by Julia Rubin, Harriette Hanley, Laura Bea, and Autumn Desanti

Poetry is like a peach.
Juicy, colorful with a deep pit
Full of surprises in every one.

Poetry is like flowing water
along the paper
with the end being refreshing.

Poetry is like New Orleans.
All the ideas and all the cultures
flowing together to create
one harmonious thought.

Poetry is like a puppy dog
always fun
and making others happy
and filled with joy.

by Jordyn Kurlander, Hannahh Isaacs, Ileana Toro, and Kian Bagherlee

Poetry is a soft flow of words
like a wave.
The wave goes in and out softly,
taking in sand to be abandoned
in the middle of the sea
as our minds are abandoned in though.

A poem is like a deer
Giving you mixed feels of
and at times
of the deep thoughts
it has inside itself.

Poetry is like a tall building
staring at us.
People walking everywhere,
and statues look like
they are looking at us.

Poetry is as scrumptious as a cake.
The different words and thoughts bursting
after you let it bake.
Craving more
after each inspirational bite.
Pulling out the mix for a long
waiting period to be spread with happiness
at first sight.